PTFE enveloped clamp seal

Micro (µ)
Type A
Type B
PTFE enveloped clamp seals are clamp seals consisting of a PTFE outer envelope and an elastomer core. The advantage of the PTFE enveloped clamp seals is its PTFE envelope which provides almost universal chemical resistance. The elastomer core provides elasticity and a good seal over time.

As for the clamp seal, the dimensions of the PTFE enveloped clamp seals are defined by different standards depending on the country and the use (DIN 32676, ISO 1127, SMS ISO 2852, BS OD/BS4825-3).

There are four types of PTFE enveloped clamp seals: clamp seal type A (flanged), clamp seal type B (not flanged), mini clamp seal, micro clamp seal.

With improved chemical resistance over clamp seals, PTFE enveloped clamp seals provide a tight seal in the connection of production piping in areas such as food and bevergae, the chemical indusry, medical and pharmaceutical sector.

PTFE enveloped clamp seals are available in EPDM, silicone, FPM and NBR and in various dimensions.
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