Wrapped flanged bushing

Flanged bushing TU
Flanged bushing TU-B
Flanged bushing TZ-AL
The flanged bushings can be used in environments with high loads and severe conditions. Several types can be found among the rolled bushings:

TU bushings are self-lubricant and composed with four layers. They are recommended for all types of movements (rotation, translation and oscillation).

The composition of the structural layer is different between the TU-B bushing and the TU bushing. For the TU-B bushing, it is replaced by a layer made of bronze. A structural plate made of bronze has a lower mechanical rigidity than a plate made of steel. Since bronze has a high corrosion resistance and very good thermal conductivity, protection by tin plating is not necessary.

TY bushings are self-lubricating and are used for high loads. TY-AS bushings have spherical pockets for oil lubrication. TY-SA bushings do not have lubrication pockets, but feeding grooves for continuous oil lubrication.

TZ bushings consist of a single structural bronze plate CuSn8P, serving both as a sliding layer and a support. In order to retain lubricant and ensure long-term performance, the strip can have either holes or dimples. The TZ-T type strip is perforated, the TZ-AS type strip has spherical dimples and the TZ-AL type strip has diamond-shaped dimples.

TX bushes are self-lubricating bushes compatible with all types of movements (rotation, translation, and oscillation) for high-load applications.
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