Wipers are often used in environments known as severe, where cylinder contaminations can be numerous: dust, aggressive fluids, water or mud splashes.

The wiper acts as a barrier within the cylinder to prevent the intrusion of these contaminations. This way, the cylinder maintains optimal operation with an intact lubricant film, thereby enhancing its lifespan. The absence of impurities in the cylinder prevents premature wear not only of the hydraulic seals but also of the cylinder itself.

Techné wipers can be utilized in numerous applications: hydraulic and pneumatic systems, mechanical industry, food industry, agricultural and construction machinery, for instance.

Techné has on stock wipers in the profiles TRM and TDKE (DK17) in NBR. The TRM wiper consists of a simple housing design and offers an easy installation. The TDKE wiper has a simple housing design and provides an easy installation. It is suitable for highly polluted environments.

Techné can machine various types of wipers in different materials.
Item code Profile Inner Ø Outer Ø Housing Lip height Material Hardness Stock Prod.